Susie Rodgers

Susie burst onto the international Swimming scene in 2011, winning five gold medals and one silver at the 2011 IPC European Championships in Berlin. 

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  • Home Town:
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    Otters Masters, Central London
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  • Games Attended:
    London 12

Susie was born with her impairment and first learned to swim when she lived in Egypt as a child. She has always been at ease in the water, but first entered national competition three years ago.

At the 2011 IPC European Championships, Berlin, she set a British record to win the 100m Freestyle (S7), a European Record to win the 400m Freestyle (S7) and another European Record to win the 50m Butterfly (S7).

On her Paralympic debut at London 2012, Susie won bronze medals in three of her events: the 100m Freestyle (S7), the 400m Freestyle (S7) and the 4x100m Freestyle Relay (34pts), where she competed alongside Claire Cashmore, Stephanie Millward and Louise Watkin.

Susie graduated with a BA (Hons) in Modern Languages from the University of Newcastle. She speaks French, German, Spanish, beginners Catalan and Italian. She works at the British Council.

Major Results

  • 2012 London Paralympic Games
  • 50m Freestyle (S7): 4th 
    100m Freestyle (S7): bronze
    400m Freestyle (S7): bronze
    100m Backstroke (S7): 6th
    50m Butterfly (S7): 4th
    4x100m Freestyle Relay (34 pts): bronze
  • 2013 IPC World Championships, Montreal, Canada
  • 400m Freestyle (S7): bronze
    50m Freestyle (S7): silver
    4 x 100m Freestyle Relay (34pts): gold
    100m Freestyle (S7): silver
    50m Butterfly (S7): silver
  • 2012 British Championships, London, UK
  • 50m Freestyle: 12th
    100m Freestyle (S7): 7th
    400m Freestyle (S7): 5th
    100m Backstroke (S7): 4th
    50m Butterfly (S7): gold
  • 2011 IPC European Championships, Berlin, Germany
  • 50m Freestyle (S7): silver
    100m Freestyle (S7): gold
    400m Freestyle (S7): gold
    100m Backstroke (S7): gold
    50m Butterfly (S7): gold
    4x100m Freestyle Relay (34pts): gold
  • 2011 British International Disability Swimming Championships, Sheffield, UK
  • 400m Freestyle: 5th
    100m Backstroke: 9th
    50m Butterfly: silver
  • 2011 British Championships, Manchester, UK
  • 100m Freestyle: 8th
    400m Freestyle: bronze
    100m Backstroke: 6th
    50m Butterfly: silver



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