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“Band of brothers” in final judo training camp

Judo team for London 2012

on 24-08-2012 00:44

ParalympicsGB's judo players, including two sets of brothers, have entered their final pre-Games preparation phase at a training camp at the British Judo Performance Institute in Dartford, Kent.

The Judo squad comprising five athletes including reigning World Champion Ben Quilter, will complete their training in Dartford before entering the Paralympic Village.
"The preparations for the Games are going really well and we're really pleased with the progress the guys have made over the last 12 months.

"The team have been really excited and nervous for a while, but we've also known the days they are going to fight for a while. We've been carefully managing the guys so they can put in their strongest performance on the day”, commented Dave Sanders, Team Leader for Judo.
"We've got very high expectations [of our athletes] - we always do with our Paralympic team", he added.

"Everyone raises their game for the Paralympics. Hopefully the crowd will help us Brits get beyond the opposition."Ben Quilter

Quilter expressed his confidence in his preparations today: “I’m ready to go now.  We are tapering to next week which will be the big day for me. I know if I can perform well then I can win a medal so I’m confident.

"But everyone raises their game for the Paralympics. Hopefully the crowd will help us Brits get beyond the opposition. Some of the guys have come back from the Olympics to help us with our training, which has been great, and we have our regular training partners here too, so the environment is really positive.”
Joe Ingram, whose brother Sam - a Beijing bronze medallist - is also competing here said: "It's my first games and I'm setting my sights on a medal or top five position. I'm a World and European medallist so I think I've got a chance of beating some of the big boys and anything can happen on the day."
Marc Powell, whose brother Dan is also in the Judo team, said today:
“Preparations are going well. We are now in our tapering phase, trying to make sure we are really sharp, ready for the Games. I went to see the Olympic Judo, which was great, so that we could experience the atmosphere. From what I hear the Paralympic Judo has sold lots of tickets so the crowds should be good there too.
“Now I just can’t wait to get there”, he added.
The British judo players will compete on days 1, 2 and 3 of the Games.


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