GB players defend the goal at London 2012



Teams consist of six players, with no more than three from each side on the pitch at one time, in matches of two 12-minute halves.

ParalympicsGB does not have a Goalball team competing at Tokyo 2020.

Sport Details

The Rules

Goalball is played by two teams of three athletes on an indoor Volleyball court without the central net, with goals (9m wide, 1.3m high) at either end.

Outside of the group stages, drawn matches are resolved by overtime (two halves of three minutes, or until a goal is scored) and, if necessary, extra throws (the Goalball equivalent to a penalty shootout).

In contrast to the cheers and applause that ring out around most Paralympic Games’ venues, the Goalball arena is silent during play. This is to allow the players to hear the ball, which has a bell inside it.

Goalball is one of only a few sports in the Paralympic Games where there is only one classification. All players must have a visual impairment, but to ensure that there is a level playing field, all athletes must wear black-out masks so that no player can see.

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